Statement of Management

As manufacturers of jams, fruit preserves, sauces and food products we are responsible to the consumers of our products as they are part of their diet. For this, Quality must be the priority norm that guides our actions, we must reduce costs to be competitive from the point of view of the quality-price relationship and the orders of our clients must be satisfied quickly and efficiently.

The safety, hygiene and safety of manufactured products is a key objective in our Organization, We must comply with all requirements related to the products we supply including: product safety, quality, legality, authenticity, processes and specifications. In addition, all the requirements, conditions, obligations and prohibitions determined in the Regulation of Use of the Halal Guarantee Mark of the Islamic Board must be complied with.

We have an environmental responsibility for which we must comply with current legislation, stakeholder requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, the prevention of environmental pollution and sustainability.

We are responsible for our staff, for the safety of their jobs, for their fair remuneration, for their dignity and for their continuous training in their jobs, health and safety at work and in the culture of food safety. Each member of the company is responsible for the quality of his or her work and must contribute ideas, professionalism and solidarity with each colleague.

We are ethically and personally responsible to the Society in general and to the community in which we live in particular. We must protect the environment and common goods. We must encourage social improvements and pay our taxes.

We are responsible to our shareholders. The company has to be profitable and grow and accumulate reserves for difficult times. We must encourage investment and research and we must open new markets and launch new products.

Our company will always maintain the illusion and the spirit of leadership and continuous improvement.


According to the get results, the reports of the Internal and External Audits, the Reports of Non-Conformities detected, the Quality and Environmental Records and other data, the CEO will set new goals for improvement.

Fdo: CEO
Ed.13 10/01/2022