The taste of origin

At Helios we make our products with locally grown
fruit and vegetables


Every fruits and vegetable we take has a unique, singular flavour. This flavour tells us the story of the fruit::

  • The strawberries from Carmen’s fields in Huelva tell us about the love, care and pampering the earth receives at her hands, and those of her family, every day.
  • The tomatoes from Agustín’s land in Cáceres, tell us about the strong sun that bathes them in the mornings and the intense cold embracing them at night, the murmuring of the Guadiana river as it runs through the fields, and the hands working the land from day to day.

This story, that you call flavour, and we call origin, is what makes Helios committed to making our products with locally grown fruit and vegetables.

This is because, for Helios, origin represents our land and its history, and we perceive it as the best guarantee of the naturalness, sustainability and, above all, FLAVOUR that the land can give us.

This vision means we are committed to local production that is close at hand and sustainable.

Our commitment is to work with locally grown fruit and vegetables, with the best origins in this rich, diverse land that is our country. Oranges from Seville. Peaches from the Valle del Ebro. Apricots from Murcia. Green figs from Toledo. Plums from Navarra. Strawberries from Huelva. Tomatoes from Extremadura. Pomegranates from the Community of Valencia. Apples from La Rioja. And much, much more.

At Helios we have converted respect for origin into our hallmark. This is because there may be many flavours, but none can compare to the flavour of origin.