At Helios Group we are well aware of the commitment that, as a company, we have to society. For this reason, we decided to progress towards offsetting out emissions by creating Helios Wood. It is a native ecosystem near to our facilities in Valladolid that will have a reforested area of almost 5,000 m2 which, with our support, will be able to absorb more than 500,000 tonnes of CO2.

Species in the wood

Would you like to plant something in the Helios Forest ?

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700 Kilos CO2 kilos absorbed

232 Hours of rural employment

8.588 Regenerated area metres

773/1000 trees planted


Did you know that...

700 Kilos of CO2 is equivalent to:

2 Flights Madrid - Londres

2.449 Hours in a traffic jam

12.735 Hours of television

Locally grown

At Helios we firmly believe that locally grown produce is not just synonymous with quality, but also sustainability.

Given that, for us, locally grown produce also means reducing the kilometres travelled by the products before arriving on your table, reducing the carbon footprint and supporting local communities in Spain.

7,514.23 km to transport an orange from Brazil to Spain
440 km to transport an orange from Valencia to Valladolid

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Factory efficiency

At Helios we are continuously working on optimising the processes we use to obtain our products.

That’s why we are committed to electricity self-consumption using renewable sources, boosting energy efficiency and drastically reducing our water consumption with projects such as “LIFE4DONANA”.

Glass jars

Since we started out we have always been committed to using glass jars, which are reusable, recyclable and are made from a significant percentage of recycled glass. With this commitment, we want to do our bit against the huge challenges we face today, such as global heating or overuse of resources.

Want some ideas for reusing your jars? Get some inspiration here!